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 Hydroseeding Vs Sod Cost Chart
Based on 9,000 sq/ft
 Install &
 Total Cost
 Sod  .23  $2,070  .09  $810  $2,880
 Hydroseeding  .08  $720  included  included  $720
 Hydroseeding Savings = $2,160

                                The Advantages of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is less expensive than sod.  The cost to have your lawn hydroseeded is 1/4 the cost of Sod (See chart above).   Hydroseeding will produce turf as nice as sod if not better within a very short time at a significant cost savings.  Why not use the savings on other landscape projects such as trees, shrubs, bark, or rock.

What about the Quality of Hydroseeding?  The wonderful thing about hydroseeding is the fact you can pick and choose the type or variety of grass you would like in your yard.  You are not limited to just one variety.  Enviro-Systems of Utah offers many mixes and blends to fit your needs.   These blends are of the highest quality for our area here in Utah.  Some questions we might ask in finding the best seed for your
situation might be,  How much is your water bill?  Do you have a sprinkler system?  Where do you live?  How much traffic will be on your new lawn?   How often do you want to mow?  How large of an area do you have? These are all questions that will help us pick the right seed for you. 

Sod Quality Results in Weeks